Sabrina Beilfuß


… but also one in Brussels and one in Bath.

Born and raised in colourful Berlin, foreign languages and cultures have fascinated me for as long as I can remember. I made the decision to become an interpreter at an early age. This was reinforced by my stay in Brussels where I got my first glimpse inside the European Parliament, as well as first-hand experience of the conference interpreters’ exciting work there. After having the opportunity to more fully immerse myself in British culture during a supplementary course in tranquil Bath, I was drawn back to the cosmopolitan city of Berlin.

I enjoy the fact that freelance conference interpreting presents me with wide-ranging opportunities to contribute towards successful communication, from political meetings to delegations and economic congresses through to cultural events. All this can be found in Berlin – the melting pot of the world.


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Vita Sabrina Beilfuß
  • University Degree in Intercultural Specialised Communication (interpreting and translating), specialising in law, at the Humboldt University in Berlin (graduated in 2006 with grade 1.2)
  • Study abroad in Brussels (2002)
  • Administration of oath as an interpreter for the Berlin courts and notaries (2006)
  • Master’s programme in interpreting at the University of Bath, England (graduated in 2007 with distinction)
  • Accreditation as a conference interpreter at the institutions of the European Union (2018)
  • Working languages: English into German, German into English, French into German
  • Mentor as part of the mentoring programme within the German Conference Interpreters’ Association VKD