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this is Berlin!

You are searching for an interpreter in the German capital? Then you have come to the right place. We will provide you with interpreting and consultancy services for all aspects of your multilingual event in Berlin and beyond.

We are like Berlin: diverse, political, curious, European, local, always changing.

Half of us are Berliners, while the other half migrated here. We live and breathe politics. Europe is our context. The constant state of flux in the city means we are acquainted with new people and subjects: day in and day out.


Our services

We help you to understand Berlin – and to be understood in Berlin. For us everything revolves around you and the success of your event, whether that be a convention, delegation, negotiation or formal reception.  

Konferenzdolmetscher Berlin: Sabrina Beilfuß und Vivi Bentin beim Dolmetschen in der Dolmetschkabine
Sabrina Beilfuß and Vivi Bentin

Team work is key

We set our sights high.


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Konferenzdolmetscher Berlin: Sabrina Beilfuß und Vivi Bentin. Referenzen

Paris is always Paris and Berlin is never Berlin!

All roads lead to Berlin – during our 25 years in the interpreting business, we have witnessed the coming together of a plethora of personalities from politics, the economy, society, TV and radio, and to whom we have lent a voice on various occasions.