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Step inside, and take a peek

Sabrina Beilfuß und Vivi Bentin dolmetschen in Berlin

Well, of course, you cannot do that because an interpreter’s booth only provides enough space for the interpreters themselves. Yet many people who see us working in the booth wonder what we actually do in there and how we manage to do it: to listen, process and speak all at the same time. In fact, interpreting is a highly complex cognitive process that not only requires excellent command of the language and lightning-speed analytical skills, but also a great deal of concentration and practice.

According to a WTO study, simultaneous interpreting is actually the third most stressful profession after being an astronaut or flying a high-speed aircraft. That is why we work as a team, alternate at regular intervals and mutually support one other.
It is also essential to become thoroughly acquainted with the content and terminology of the respective subject, because you have to understand it in order to interpret in a meaningful way.

“Berlin: There you will find a community of bold people that have no time for sensitivity, where all you need is a sharp tongue and a coarse nature in order to survive.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe