Conference interpreting

Conference interpreting

Conference interpreting makes an important distinction between consecutive and simultaneous interpreting.

Consecutive interpreting

Not just scribbled…

Instead, a special note taking technique distinguishes this type of interpreting. With the aid of keywords and of course memory, longer sections of a speech are transferred with a time delay, e.g. in alternating paragraphs, into another language. It is important for the customer to note that double the amount of time is estimated for this. If shorter sections of a speech are interpreted with a time delay, this is referred to as liaison interpreting.


Simultaneous interpreting

Listen up!

On the other hand, this type of interpreting technique does not require additional time because the words are translated in real time. The interpreters work as part of a team in an interpreting booth with the appropriate technical equipment, and usually take turns approx. every 30 minutes. During delegations or particularly small or short formats, it is also possible to use a mobile interpretation unit. A solution without the use of technology is so-called whispering interpreting, which entails the interpreter sitting behind one to two listeners and very quietly interpreting for them.