Remote interpreting

Interpreting multilingual online events

In certain instances, such as in times of social distancing or when people cannot meet face-to-face, platforms like Zoom and Interactio, but also conferencing tools like WebEx, Teams and Skype can be used to integrate interpreters into multilingual online events.

Either the interpreters work from an interpreting booth set up at the client’s venue or a broadcasting studio where a core team and the main speakers meet so that they can translate everything that is being said to everyone – both online and on-site.

If there is no venue and the event is entirely distributed, the interpreters can work from a so-called interpreting studio. Such studios are operated by professional sound and interpreting equipment companies, have redundant internet connections und highly qualified tech staff. They can also host the event on behalf of the organiser, including pre-testing and moderating a technical chat.

For smaller events and depending on the conferencing platform, interpreters can also join the conference directly from a suitable office.

If you are interested in our experience with different distance interpreting settings, please have a look at our brochure and our blog (sorry, German only).

This short video clip illustrates what you need for good sound quality during online meetings: a stable internet connection, a headset and a quiet environment.